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The Adaptive Athletics Association is a community sports association catering to disabled athletes and their families in order to provide a sporting outlet for disabled individuals located in the State of California.  Any disabled individual or abled bodied supporter is eligible to participate.

The Adaptive Athletics Association is raising funds to provide a social media outlet for men, women and children with disabilities; to inform them of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle by participating in sports; to offer programs introducing adaptive sports to both disabled children and adults; to provide sports equipment; to cover costs for annual liability insurance; to use funds for advertising, marketing, and maintaining our web site activities; to reach more participants and provide information on all national and regional sporting tournaments, insightful tips on adaptive sports, lifestyle articles and  special events calendar for the adaptive athletic community and enhancing wheelchair sports participation throughout the State of California;

It is also the goal of the Adaptive Athletics Association to raise additional monies to partner with area sports clubs, certified in wheelchair sports training; to create a national sports training center for the training of nationally ranked level players from throughout the United States to journey to, participate in developing training and wellness programs for all players. In addition, to provide physical fitness and nutrition guidance to these individual disabled players.


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