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President, Treasurer - Marty Anderson
Marty Anderson endured a car accident as a toddler, and has a spinal cord injury that effects his right leg. He has utilized crutches, a leg brace or a wheelchair for his mobility throughout his life. He has played all kinds of wheelchair sports, but the sport at which he excels at the most is wheelchair tennis. He has played on the United States World Team Cup representing the country and won many tennis singles and doubles championships throughout his three plus decades in the sport. He has always had a passion for advocating wheelchair sports and commits that to the benefits these sports have brought to his life. He feels that sports have helped him keep in shape, meet new people, give him reason to travel and help him build his self confidence. He brings a wide and experienced skillset to the Adaptive Athletics Association as a founder of decades gone by chairsports.com, player ambassador and computer scientist.
Secretary - Alycia Anderson

Alycia Busciglio received a European Masters Degree in Adapted Physical Activity from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. The culturally diverse program was centered on all aspects and populations pertaining to disability, sport science and inclusion. She worked with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) within the Educational Department where she actively partook in the development, implementation and completion of IPCs Paralympic School Day Project a program that is practiced globally today. Alycia also has Bachelors Degree in Adapted Physical Education from California State University, Chico. While completing her undergraduate studies, she had the opportunity to learn the theory and science of inclusion in adapted sports. At the same time she was able to apply the theory into practice in a multitude of inclusive educational sport and fitness settings. Throughout her education Alycia also was involved with the Special Olympics where she worked instrumentally with their public relations team, event organizing and coaching staffs. She is currently involved in the community hands on as a motivational speaker on the local level spanning out internationally. She is a Womans Open Wheelchair Tennis player following the United States Tennis Association and International Tennis Federation schedules.

Beyond her widespread knowledge and participation in the world of disability, she has gained and honed invaluable business, marketing, and management savvy through her experience within Corporate America. Her most recent industry focus has been for Java City, Colours N Motion Wheelchair Company, KrankcycleRx and now Adapted Athletics Association. She has been involved personally and professionally in disability sports movements for over 25 years and through this involvement she has gained a working knowledge of the importance, need and want of adapted sports and inclusive fitness both nationally and internationally.

Board Member - Community Liaison - Tom Ayala

Tom Ayala is a current resident of in Indio, CA. He was injured in 1994 from an automobile accident, he suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury. It really changed his perspective on life, as the time had gone by he learned to adapt to his injury. He started playing wheelchair tennis and has been playing for more than two decades. He has traveled to some fun places like Florida, Georgia, and Texas and also several other states. Tennis has taken his life and changed it for the better. It's taught him self confidence, and has built his self esteem. He loves to compete against top wheelchair tennis athletes and really enjoys playing at such a high level. Being a professional wheelchair tennis player means a lot to him, and he has taken pride in achieving a lot of trophy's from his years of playing, some were champion and others finalist in singles. He loves for playing Doubles, and has been known to partner up with partner Marty Anderson on occasion. They once had match win streak spanning over 6 tournaments straight were undefeated and ranked #1 in the USTA of southern California. He enjoys sharing his story so that people will understand that when life becomes difficult, and one is faced with adversity, you can always find something in life to keep you going.... Sports!


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