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The Adaptive Athletics Association was founded in 2010 in order to promote and grow wheelchair athletics in the United States. Comprised of current wheelchair tennis players, and some incredibly dedicated tennis enthusiasts, our goal is to promote wheelchair athletics (starting with Tennis and then branching out into many other athletics), conduct community outreach programs to reach new athletes and raise awareness of current wheelchair athletics in our communities.

We have hosted a world-class wheelchair tennis tournament at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens in Palm Springs, tournaments at Mission Hills Country Club & Yorba Linda Country Club and tennis clinics throughout Southern California.

Giving players a chance to compete on the global stage by acquiring much needed ITF as well as local USTA ranking points without the need to travel great distances and at great expense.

We have also collaborated with other wheelchair tennis tournaments in Southern and Northern California to help increase enthusiasm, as well as create incentives for competitive players.

We are currently working hard to create relationships with many organizations that are either involved with wheelchair athletics or disabled services.


Our Mission

To promote an active lifestyle through the introduction of wheelchair / adaptive sports for disabled children and adults, and their families.

Our Vision

To involve any individual with physical disabilities (and their families) in a sports activity that they may participate together. Through their participation in sports and recreation activities, all participants will increase their physical fitness, personal socialization, confidence, and independence.

Goals & Objectives

We raise monies to:

  1. Provide a recreational or competitive sports outlet for any individuals with physical disabilities (and their families).

  2. Provide professional instruction and coaching to disabled children and adults (and their families).

  3. Assist in providing adaptive sports equipment to those athletes unable to acquire proper equipment on their own.

  4. Provide fitness training and nutritional guidance to any interested disabled athlete.


The Adaptive Athletics Association is a community sports association catering to disabled athletes and their families in order to provide a sporting outlet for disabled individuals located in the State of California.  Any disabled individual or abled bodied supporter is eligible to participate.

The Adaptive Athletics Association is raising funds to provide a social media outlet for men, women and children with disabilities; to inform them of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle by participating in sports; to offer programs introducing adaptive sports to both disabled children and adults; to provide sports equipment; to cover costs for annual liability insurance; to use funds for advertising, marketing, and maintaining our web site activities; to reach more participants and provide information on all national and regional sporting tournaments, insightful tips on adaptive sports, lifestyle articles and  special events calendar for the adaptive athletic community and enhancing wheelchair sports participation throughout the State of California;

It is also the goal of the Adaptive Athletics Association to raise additional monies to partner with area sports clubs, certified in wheelchair sports training; to create a national sports training center for the training of nationally ranked level players from throughout the United States to journey to, participate in developing training and wellness programs for all players. In addition, to provide physical fitness and nutrition guidance to these individual disabled players.

Seeking New Board Members
Adaptive Athletics Association is now taking applications for positions to fill on our Board.  If you have time in your schedule, an understanding of wheelchair sports, inclusion, empowerment, and have ideas on how we can utilize our NonProfit to benefit our members contact us to submit your resume, chat and possibly setup an interview.

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